Disability Expert Encourages Apple to Improve its Products

Disability expert Anthony Tusler would like to see Apple keeps the needs of disabled consumers in mind when designing its products, according to a Macworld UK article. Mr. Tusler was quoted as saying: "A company like Apple, for example, puts little of its trademark flair and ingenuity into accessibility issues."

He thinks the current generation of designers will understand the problems at hand "when they are exposed to usability ideas. I know they will discover that universal design is a puzzle to be solved that will help people with disabilities and the aging Baby Boomers."

Mr. Tusler added: "When there are more usable cell phones, tape dispensers, toasters, and websites, people with disabilities will participate more fully in jobs, society and the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen. People with disabilities want to buy and use cell phones, MP3 players, just like anyone else."