Disk Maintenance Tool Updated

Aladdin has released iClean, a disk maintenance utility and uninstaller application. iClean, also part of Aladdinis SpringCleaning application, helps users keep their computers healthy by eliminating unused and unwanted files. According to Aladdin:

Aladdin Systems, today announced iClean(tm), a new Internet cleaning application, is now shipping. iClean, also a part of Spring Cleaning 3.5, the number one uninstaller on the Macintosh, helps users easily rid their hard drives of unwanted Internet-related clutter.

New iClean Quickly Removes Internet Tracks iClean sweeps away Web surfing tracks, as well as tidies up the desktop. iClean helps clean out Web cache files, Internet histories, cookies, reattaches aliases, and empties the Trash. iClean gives users a detailed summary of items that can be deleted and how many megabytes of space can be recovered. Readily accessible, iClean is designed to be used after each Internet visit to prevent leaving a history of visited sites for all to see.

iClean is available for US$29.95. You can find more information at the Aladdin web site.