Diskology Adds Write Blocking to Disk Jockey For Forensic Use

Diskology on Thursday announced that it has added write blocking capability to its Disk Jockey portable hard drive duplicator, making it available for forensic use. The company has packaged the new version of the Disk Jockey in a forensic kit that includes a Serial ATA adapter as well as cables for connecting hard drives.

The Disk Jockey mounts IDE hard drives via USB 2.0 or FireWire 400 and can mirror, span, copy, compare, test or erase them. Erasing can be accomplished with one or three passes, per NSA (National Security Administration) guidelines. Write blocking is an important new feature because forensic use requires that the target drive remain undisturbed when data is removed from it; otherwise, the evidence may be considered contaminated.

The Disk Jockey forensic kit sells for US$429. A standalone Disk Jockey without write blocking capability sells for $349.