Do It The Old Fashion Way: HTML Creator Updated

Aram Kudurshian has updated his text based HTML coding utility, HTML Creator, to version 2.7. HTML Creator allows users to easily create Web pages by offering a series of assistants, tools, and guides. The new version includes a host of bug fixes and a number of new features. According to Mr. Kudurshian:

The highly rated (5 out of 5 at HTML Creator has been updated to include many new features as well as several bug fixes. HTML Creator, an HTML editing text editor was a built on the foundation that the best way to learn something is by doing it yourself! With HTML Creator, users can create web sites with the aid of over 50 assistants, extras, and guides. Insert JavaScript alert boxes, large HTML Tables, or complex forms and popupmenus with ease. Also found in HTML Creator are time saving functions such as shortcuts, a format menu similar to those found in Word Processors, a powerful toolbar, the ScratchPad, and much more.

Whatis New in Version 2.7:

  • 2 JavaScript Assistants make their debut
  • 2 New methods to create a new document including a step by step guide which help you through each decision and option
  • Ability to define Font Sets
  • Completely remade preferences which allow much more customizability
  • New printing support as well as more powerful undo/redo
  • Shortcut toolbar and Go To Line functions have been added
  • All code is now written in lowercase to allow partial XHTML support
  • Preview In Browser now works as it should - images now display.
  • As well as many more, smaller features and bug fixes!

HTML Creator is available for US$10. You can find more information at Aram Kudurshianis Web site.