Dock Space Saving Utility Updated

SourceForge has announced the avaibility of version 0.7. helps Mac OS X users to organize their Dock by combining access to more than one app or file through a single icon. According to SourceForge: is a virtual workspaces utility for Mac OS X.

Version history:

  • 0.4: first public release
  • 0.5: made main window resizeable; enabled customized number of workspaces
  • 0.6: source released under QPL and improved UI for preferences and main window; enabled customization of workspace names; added options for sticky workspace, yielding focus
  • 0.7 moved to "dockling" interface (let me know what you think!); fixed incompatibilities with Mac OS X 10.0 (retail); made all visible strings localizable is available for free. You can find more information at SourceForgeis site.