Does Apple Have A Weekend OS X Surprise In Store For Us?

[Editoris Note: A few hours after we posted this, Apple did indeed announce that iTunes, iMovie 2, and a preview release of AppleWorks 6.1 would all be released for Mac OS X this weekend.]

Speculation surrounding this weekendis OS X release is reaching a high point with the official roll out of the new OS being just three short days away. Wincent Colaiuta of first speculated that OS X 10.0 is actually one of the developer builds from a few weeks ago, build 4K78. However, others are claiming that the 4K78 build is not the final, and that the version of OS X that everybody receives on Saturday will be something that most of the public has yet to see.

While nobody is exactly sure of what to expect, nobody that is saying anything at least, the latest bits of information leave the door open for some possible weekend surprises. We do know that some OS X boxes do indeed have build 4K78 in them, but what we do not know is if those are a limited release. We also know that 4K78 does not include iTunes, or any other type of music player.

With that said it is entirely possible, and many are speculating it to be so, that Apple will have some software surprises for us via iDisk or OS Xis Software Update feature when 10.0 does finally make its way into users hands this weekend. If some receive build 4K78, and others receive build 4K83 (or higher), Apple will have something in place to even the playing field for all users.

Apple is supposed to officially announce OS X at a press event later today. Perhaps many of our questions will be answered then. One thing we do know is that this is a very exciting time to be a Mac user, and we will be somewhat surprised if Apple and Jobs do not have "One last thing..." up their sleeve.