Download Utility Updated From Presenta

Presenta Ltd. has released an update for iGetter, bringing it to version 1.9. iGetter is a download utility designed to simplify the downloading process. The update has performance improvements including interface enhancements and expanded language support. According to Presenta Ltd:

Presenta Ltd. is pleased to announce the new release of iGetter version 1.9 for MacOS 7.5.3 - 9.x and MacOS X.

iGetter is a download utility and accelerator with many useful functions such as resuming broken downloads, segmented (accelerated) downloading, Internet browsers integration, queue filtering by various criteria, file mirrors support for additional acceleration, cookies support, processing web page links, scheduling downloads for low traffic periods, reconnecting modems, hang up and shut down when the downloads are done.

New In Version 1.9:

  • Included new localizations for Japanese, French, Spanish and Italian languages
  • iGetter now takes advantage of Quartz and ATSUI on MacOS X, resulting in superior anti-aliasing of all texts in the application
  • New Aqua icons for the application, documents and application folder (OS X version)
  • iGetter is now compiled as a Mach-O Binary in Bundle MacOS X native format (OS X version)
  • New contextual menu support for Internet Explorer, iCab and Opera browsers (new in the OS X version)
  • A new Zip Preview function. This feature will allow you to preview the content of izipi compressed files before downloading them
  • A new Verify mirror servers function. It will check the time of response and availability of the mirror servers
  • Automatic saving of the download URL in the Finderis file Comments field (new in the OS X version)
  • iGetter now supports the external download manager feature in the Opera browser (new in the MacOS version)
  • A new option that allows iGetter to stay in background when a new download is added
  • A new option for treating unresolvable server errors as resolvable. This option may help in situations when some servers donit respect the HTTP/FTP specifications for errors and return non-fatal errors as fatal
  • Included new application uninstaller
  • Prevented a bug in Internet Explorer with double redirected URLs (for example, the registration forms at

You can find more information about the iGetter update at the Presenta Ltd. Web site. iGetter 1.9 is available for US$25.00.