Dr. Bott Introduces 7 Port Powered USB Hub

Dr. Bott has released another cool USB hub, the Dr. Bott T7Hub. The hub is designed to support up to 7 devices, and includes the ability to supply power to those devices. From Dr. Bott:

Today, Dr. Bott LLC, is shipping their new seven Port USB Hub in silver. In addition to the compact and innovative design, this high quality USB hub offers LEDs on each port indicating device connection and over current status. These indicators mean youill never have any questions about the status of your USB peripherals. T7Hub fully supports seven high power USB devices simultaneously.

Dr. Bott now has a full line of USB hubs including their thumb-sized T3Hub, their palm-sized gHub and their new fist-sized T7Hub.

The T7Hub is priced at US$59, and you can get more information on the device at Dr. Bottis Web site.