Dr. Bott Shipping DVI Extractor II For Mac Users

Dr. Bott is now shipping the DVI Extractor II for Mac users. The DVI Extractor II is a connection kit designed for bringing previously unsupported DVI monitors compatibility with the new line of Appple CPUs and the latest ADC connectors. The Extractor II supports several displays including the IBM T860 and Philips MP 150/180. According to Dr. Bott:

Dr. Bott adds DVI Extractor II to Apple Display Connector product line.

With DVI Extractor II displays with a 24-pin DVI-D or a 29-pin DVI-I connector can easily be used with the latest generation of Apple CPUs that sport the new ADC connector.

DVI Extractor II has been improved in two ways over the original DVI Extractor: It sports a DVI-I connector that allows you to connect digital displays that come with a dual-purpose DVI-I video cable. In addition certain displays that have not worked on the Mac so far now can be used with DVI Extractor II, models from Eizo and Samsung among them.


  • DVI Extractor II is compatible with all Power Macintosh G4s and the G4 Cubes that come with an ADC graphics card
  • DVI Extractor II makes ADC-compatible displays out of virtually all DVI displays

DVI Extractor II was specially built to support the following flat panel displays and is compatible with many more:

  • Eizo Nanao L351/675/685
  • IBM T860
  • IIiyama AS4637UT, AU4831D
  • Philips MP150/180
  • Samsung L1810, 152T

You can find more information about the DVI Extractor II at the Dr. Bott Web site. The DVI Extractor II is available for US$37.95.