Dr. Mac: Why Your Student Should Take a Mac to College

Students are getting ready for school to start, and Bob "Dr. Mac" Levitus has published twelve very good reasons for college students to take a Mac instead of PC with them when they go to college. The Chron.com article is also great food for thought for fence sitters who are thinking about switching.

In the distant past, the various icky issues related to the Macis incompatibilities with the rest of the PC world. Nowadays, itis the other way around -- itis the PCs that have the icky issues with viruses, malware and security. Macs just run smoother and have fewer of those kinds of issues, Dr. Mac advised.

Notable in the list of twelve items was the fact that Macs can runs Windows apps when necessary, right along side Mac apps. No PC can do that. Also, Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac runs very nicely on a Mac, natively. Mr. Levitus also mentioned the superior buying experience in the Apple retail stores where students can learn about all the cool apps that will help them at school: iDVD, iMovie, iWeb, iTunes and iPhoto.

Perhaps not as important technically, but still important for college students is the unquestionable "cool" factor of Macs.

"You wouldnit want other students making fun of your kid, would you?" the noted author asked.

Thatis not as shallow as some people might take it. Macs wouldnit be cool if they werenit well designed, work well, and keep a studentis personal data secure. Itis just nice to wrap all that up in kid-speak: "Cool!"

The list of 12 items is also a compelling recap of how far Apple has come and can also serve a great list to give to fence sitters who are thinking about graduating to a Mac.