DragThing 5.8 Adds Drop Drawers Support

TLA Systems announced the immediate availability of DragThing 5.8 on Wednesday. The updated version of the Dock replacement application added the ability to import Drop Drawers settings, and also became the official upgrade path for Drop Drawers users.

DragThing 5.8 also added the ability to completely hide drawers when minimized, align tabs anywhere in the dock instead of just at the beginning, middle, or end, opens obscured drawers when the cursor moves over them, and more.

Drop Drawers is no longer in development, but Sig Software did work closely with TLA Systems to ensure that settings would move smoothly into DragThing. Upgrades from Drop Drawers to DragThing are priced at US$19. DragThing 5.8 costs $29, and is available for download at the TLA Systems Web site. The update is free for version 5 users.