DragThing: A Better Dock

The Finderis Dock can hold application, folder and document icons, but it isnit particularly adept at organizing everything - especially if you plan on using it to hold lots of icons. A great alternative to the Dock is DragThing from TLA Systems.

DragThing lets you organize nearly everything on your Mac into tabbed docks, shows which applications are running, lets you assign sounds to system-related activities like ejecting disks, place a trash can on your Desktop, and more.

DragThingis is Appleis Dock and more.

I find DragThing to be amazingly useful, and canit imagine using my Mac without it. And if you use an Intel-based Mac, youire in luck: Itis a Universal Binary application.

DragThing is available for download at the DragThing Web site, and it costs US$29.

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