Dragon’s Lair, Space Ace Now On OS X

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Digital Leisure has made seven arcade games, including the classic Space Ace, OS X compatible. Those who remember the arcade classics Dragonis Lair, and Dragonis Lair 2: Time Warp, will rejoice at the news that Digital Leisure has made these and other arcade classics Mac OS X 10.1 compatible. This from Digital Leisure:

Digital Leisure announced today that seven of the companyis hit arcade titles for DVD Video including Dragonis Lair, Space Ace and Dragonis Lair II: Time Warp are now Mac compatible. The latest Mac Operating System, version 10.1, enables fans of these much-loved titles to enjoy these classics for the first time at home.

In addition to the titles listed above, Digital Leisure will also feature the worldis first holographic video game - Hologram Time Traveler, the Sega arcade classic that debuted in 1991 - in a version that plays on Apple computers. Created by legendary game designer Rick Dyer, Hologram Time Traveler will join Dyeris latest game creation Shadoan, a fantasy-based action adventure title in which the hero must journey through a land filled with danger as he seeks to recover the five pieces of a magical amulet in order to defeat the evil wizard Torlock and rescue the beautiful princess Grace Delight.

For more information, stop by Digital Leisureis website.

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