Dreamweaver Audio Extension Released

SSEYO has announced the Koan Dreamweaver Extension. The new extension allows integration of interactive audio multimedia into DreamWeaver. According to SSEYO:

Audio enhancement of the worldis market-leading Web authoring solution just became easier with the release of SSEYOis Koan Dreamweaver Extension. Appealing to both emerging and established developers and designers, the free extension enables the rapid deployment of interactive audio web content to achieve professional results without prior experience or specialised knowledge. Whatis more, the Koan audio pieces are embedded directly into the web page as tiny text "vectors" - typically less than two or three kilobytes for an entire piece of music or sound effect.

Audio content can range from themed backgrounds to interactive elements that play spot sound effects or musical riffs in response to standard HTML event handlers or Macromedia Flash FSCommands. In addition, easy control of the Koan audio engineis powerful programmable features enable web designers to dynamically alter the music in real-time according to actions performed in the web page.

The Koan Dreamweaver Extension is available for free. You can find more information at SSEYOis site.