Drive Genius 2.0 Gets New UI, Leopard Support

Prosoft Engineering announced the release of Drive Genius 2 on Tuesday. The new version not only has a new UI and Leopard support, but also adds a host of new options and features. File systems larger than 8 TB are supported in Leopard.

In addition, a new shred option controls the length of the shred, shred and duplicate estimate the time to completion, and a new preference management feature has been added for IT professionals.

Drive Genius 2 is an award winning disk utility for the Mac platform than can defragment a disk, repair a directory and repartition on-the-fly. Improvements have been made to the speed and overall performance in the new version.

The very latest version is 2.0.1, is a Universal Application and requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later. Drive Genius 2 is priced at US$99. Upgrades from 1.5.x are US$59.