Drop Drawers Updated For OS 9, OS X

Sig Software has updated their Finder enhancement utility, Drop Drawers, to version 1.5.7. Drop Drawers, available for both OS 9 and OS X, provides users with an easy way to store and access files, folders, links, and e-mail addresses. According to Sig Software:

Sig Software is proud to announce the simultaneous release of Drop Drawers 1.5.7 for Mac OS 7/8/9 and Drop Drawers X 1.5.7, a native Carbon application for Mac OS X.

Drop Drawers is a revolutionary user-interface enhancement which provides floating drawers on the sides of monitors to store text, URLs, aliases, scripts, pictures, sounds, movies and anything else.

Versions 1.5.7 is a maintenance release which fixes a crashing bug on 680x0 machines, reimplements instant clip drawer item insertion under OS X and has many other minor fixes and improvements detailed on the Drop Drawers page.

Drap Drawers is available for US$15. You can find more information at the Sig Software Web site.