Dutch Invitation From Apple: New Consumer Device Will Be "Innovative, Revolutionary, & Diff

Network World Fusion has published a report that cites invitations sent out by Apple to journalists in the Netherlands. According to the Network World Fusion report, the invitations say that Apple will introduce a new consumer device, and includes some very strong adjectives in support of that device. From the report:

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, will unveil a new consumer product that is "innovative, revolutionary and different" at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco on Jan. 7, the company said.

Fueling speculation about a flat-panel iMac, Apple said the "powerful, user-friendly and eye-catching" product will be launched worldwide and is expected to have an "enormous impact." The statements were made in an invitation sent to journalists in the Netherlands late last week.

Apple wonit give out more details.

"We have already been too open, judging by the interest this is generating," said Ton van Garderen, general manager for Apple in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, adding that the Dutch invitation could be "more candid than those sent out in other countries."

The rest of the report focuses on some of the many LCD-based iMac rumors that have been circulating on the Web in recent weeks. Itis a good read.