E-Commerce Application Updated

MDG has updated their ecommerce application, WS4D/eCommerce, to version 3.3b8. The new version adds the ability to use HTTP downloads, and also offers the option of adding a banner tracking module. According to MDG:

Web Server 4D/eCommerce is a single application that includes a shopping cart, credit card authorization, and order tracking &emdash; as well as Web Server 4D 3.1.1 and WS4D/CGI.

It can run as a standalone Web server or as CGI to your existing Mac-based Web server (compatible with WebStar and WebTen). With WS4D/eCommerce, you can remotely modify the StoreFront, edit or create products or view orders from your browser.

New Since 3.3b8

  • Added Support for HTTP File Upload (upload files from a browser without FTP)
  • Added optional Banner module ($295) to track banner ads, impressions and clickthrus

    New in 3.3

    • Added Support for Verisignis PayFlow Link
    • Added Optional Support for CyberCashis WebAuthorize (requires purchase of key to activate)
    • Added Different email for merchant & customer
    • New Security Features
    • Automatic Daily Export to Quicken/QuickBook and others
    • Ability to link Products to external QuickTime Links
    • Bug Fixes

WS4D/eCommerce is available starting at US$495. You can find more information at the MDG web site.