Ecamm Network ships Huckleberry MacBook Mirror

Ecamm Network announced the immediate availability of the Huckleberry MacBook mirror on Wednesday. Ecamm will offer Huckleberry via their Website.

Huckleberry is a unique mirror device that connects to the lid of any MacBook or MacBook Pro, reflecting the built-in camerais field of view back over the top of the screen. This allows users to create pictures and movies while still viewing and controlling their favorite Mac video application.

Possible uses include:

  • Film movies with iMovie HD
  • Create stop-motion video with iStopMotion
  • Scan media with Delicious Library
  • Take a picture with Photobooth

Ecamm includes their award-winning iGlasses software with every purchase. This software provides iSight video enhancement and manipulation, including mirror image functionality and is required to invert the image. The reflective surface is painted on the back of acrylic plastic. The Huckleberry is priced at $US19.95.

The Ecamm Huckleberry