EchoFX Shipping New Version Of USBVision

EchoFX is now shipping a new version of USBVision for OS X. USBVision is a driver utility designed for capturing multiple sources of video data. The app features support for multiple video input devices and support for devices sold originally as only compatibile with Windows OS. According to EchoFX:

Today, EchoFX, a Macintosh software developer, announced the immediate availability of the new USBVision For Mac OS X software.

The USBVision software offers Mac OS X support not only for XLR8 InterView, but also for a wide range of new devices including Belkin VideoBus and VideoBus II, iRez USB Live and CapSure, Global Village VideoFX, Alpha Data USB Video Adapter, Hauppauge USB-Live and many others -including those originally sold as “PC-only”. Mac OS X support for most of these devices was previously unavailable.

Additionally, the new USBVision software will allow up to eight video capture devices to run simultaneously on one computer. Multiple devices can be used with Ben Bird’s SecuritySpy and SubRosaSoft’s HomeGuardian security packages allowing the monitoring of many different video sources. Multiple devices can also be used with video broadcast and webcam packages, allowing multiple video sources to be uploaded to the Internet from a single computer.

You can find more information about the USBVision release at the EchoFX Web site. USBVision is available for US$25.00.