Econ Tech Now Shipping New Calendar Management App

Econ Technologies has released a new app for Mac users, DayChaser 1.0. DayChaser is a scheduling app designed for time and calendar management. The app ships with multiple calendar support using Calendar Documents and is full customizable. According to Econ Technologies:

DayChaser™, the calendar and scheduling application built exclusively for Mac® OS X, is now available from Econ Technologies. DayChaser contains all the tools for easy management of your time.

DayChaser is different from most calendar applications because it works with separate Calendar Documents. A Calendar Document is just a file - just like any word processor or spreadsheet document. It may be stored anywhere on your hard disk, copied, duplicated, sent to friends - whatever you heart desires.

Because DayChaser works with individual files, it offers the flexibility of being able to create multiple calendar documents for different purposes.

DayChaser is fully integrated with the Mac OS X 10.2 (“Jaguar”) Address Book and will auto complete email contacts or you can simply drag them over. DayChaser works great on all earlier versions of Mac OS X too!

You can find more information about the DayChaser release at the Econ Technologies Web site. DayChaser is available for US$20.00.