Edirol Announces High Resolution R-09HR Portable Recorder

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Edirol announced this week the R-09HR High-Resolution WAVE/MP3 Recorder, an upgrade to the companyis 2-track recording product line. The device is a hand held digital recorder that can record in multiple formats.

Edirol is showing the R-09HR at the New Media Expo , and Michael Barrett, Product Marketing Manager, took some time to give us the details on this new product.

Edirol R-09HR

The R-09HR is similar to the existing R-09, but has many enhancements. The R-09HR can record 24-bit 96 kHz audio, versus 24-bit 48 kHz for the older unit. The R-09HR has a newly-developed Isolated Adaptive Recording Circuit (I.A.R.C.), as well as a professional-grade, high-sensitivity stereo condenser microphone built in.

The R-09HR records to SD or SDHC memory card up to 32GB, versus 16GB for the older unit. The R-09HR also sports wide view-ability on large OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display, a built-in preview speaker, and a wireless remote control. Finally, Cakewalkis pyro Audio Creator LE software is included.

The R-09HR is available now and retails for $399.