Edirol To Ship New USB Audio Interface Device

Edirol Corporation has announced the upcoming release of the UA-25 for Mac users. The UA-25 is a device designed for capturing audio streams through USB connections. The device is fully bus powered and features DAT or TRS balanced audio input support. According to Edirol Corporation:

Edirol Corporation today announced the UA-25, a compact audio interface for mobile computer-based audio recording. The UA-25 is the latest addition to Edirolis legacy of high-quality USB Audio technology which began in 1998 with the worldis first USB Audio/MIDI Interface - the UA-100.

The UA-25, packaged in a durable metal casing, is bus-powered and transports both audio and MIDI signals to and from the computer all through a single USB connection. It offers phantom power mic preamps on the TRS/XLR combo inputs for use with premium microphones; a Hi-Z switch to bring a guitar or bass in without the need for a direct box; Digital In to bring in DAT and Mini Disc, RCA, TRS Balanced, and Digital Output to send the signal to any audio destination.

Adding quality to this flexibility, the UA-25 offers balanced +4 dBu inputs & outputs. In addition, the UA-25 includes a Direct Monitoring switch that allows the user to hear the recording in real time, as well as a "MONO" setting to hear phasing issues or monitor a single source through both the left and right headphone.

You can find more information about the UA-25 at the Edirol Corporation Web site. The UA-25 is slated to ship in Q3 for US$295.00.