Edit HDV IN FCP With Lumiere HD

For those of you looking to edit HDV in Final Cut Pro before the next slated FCP release, look no longer, Lumière HD is the answer. Lumière HD is a utility designed for converting HDV video streams into an acceptable codec for cutting within Final Cut Pro. The application features conversion support into DVCAM and DVCPRO formats and also allows for the export to HDV. According to Lumière HD:

Lumière HD is the most affordable and powerful solution for Final Cut Pro editors who want to edit the new HDV format. Now you can edit your HDV footage, in real-time, without expensive hardware.

Ultilizing the offline editing workflow adopted by most professional post-production facilities today, Lumière HD allows you to edit your HDV footage in the codec of your choice -- therefore enabling you to keep all the real-time benefits you are accustomed to. Edit your HDV footage in anamorphic DV on a PowerBook and monitor your cuts on a NTSC monitor via your camerais firewire, real-time. Or take advantage of the new DVCPRO HD codec on a G5 and view your edits on a cinema display, in full resolution HD, in real-time.

You can find more information about Lumière HD at the product Web site. Lumière HD is available for US$179.00.