Edit Your Romantic Lighting With A 2.0 On OS X

CDS advanced technology bv has released a new version of LCedit+, bringing the lighting editor to version 2.0. LCedit+ is an app used to control ambient lighting in theater or gallery settings. The new version of LCedit+ adds support for Mac OS X, in addition to other improvements and new features. According to CDS advanced technology bv:

CDS advanced technology bv announces the version 2.0 release of LCedit+, the advanced LanBox-LC lighting editor, for multiple platforms. We are very excited about this very new release of LCedit+, which can be downloaded for free from our site. Light editing with the LanBox-LC DMX controller is mostly done by using one of our LCedit lighting editors running on Macintosh or Windows platform. But now you can also use LCedit+ on OS X.

This new version of LCedit+ adds, besides support for OS X, many new features:

  • Fixture library with a selection of predefined fixtures.
  • Cast, sorted list of used fixtures, channels, DMX address.
  • User definable fixture library support.
  • User definable fixture presets.
  • Larger buttons, and single fixture/control window.
  • DMX controls with (user changeable) icons and DMX buttons.
  • User definable stage icons.
  • Intensity, and position indicators on the stage.
  • Automatic assignment of channels.
  • Asynchrone communications including TCP/IP.
  • CLI (command line input) key handling.
  • User definable single key sequences.
  • Command macros.
  • Available for MacOS, OS X, and Win98/2000

You can find more information about LCedit+ 2.0 at CDS advanced technology bvis Web site. Downloads for LCedit+ 2.0 are free.