Editorial Looking At Tablet PCs Cites Steve Jobs Prognostication

The Independent (UK) has published an interesting editorial by Charles Arthur looking at the success, or lack of success, for Tablet PCs. Tablet PCs were introduced with great fanfare in 2001. Mr. Arthur notes that at the time, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said, "within five years, I predict that [this format] will be the most popular form of PC sold in America."

Today, two years later, Tablet PCs claim 1% of the European market, and less than 1% in the US, as of the June quarter. Mr. Arthur says that he doesnit see Tablet PC sales going anywhere, and he cites Steve Jobsis own prognostications to the same effect while doing so. From The Independent.

There is one other factor: there are a lot of keyboards out there, and people have long since learned to use them effortlessly. And even a Tablet never has trouble understanding your typing - unlike your handwriting.

Steve Jobs, the head of Apple, said at a conference back in May that his company has no plans to make a tablet, despite all the hype. "It turns out people want keyboards. When Apple first started out, people couldnit type. We realized: Death would eventually take care of this."

Say one thing for Mr Jobs: heis blunt. He concluded: "We look at the tablet and we think itis going to fail. Tablets appeal to rich guys with plenty of other PCs and devices already. And people accuse us of niche markets."

The full article is an interesting look at the fate of the Tablet PC, and we recommend it as an interesting read.