Electric Pocket Joins Forces With Ericsson

Electric Pocket has announced that PDA Messenger has been selected for incorporation into Ericssonis Multimedia Messaging Service. PDA Messenger allows users to send hand written messages wirelessly to other Palm OS devices. The incorporation into MMS compliments Ericssonis wireless Mobility World. According to Electric Pocket:

Electric Pocket today announces that it is a selected partner by Ericsson on PDA Messenger, which is part of Ericssonis Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) total solution. PDA Messenger enables Palm OS devices users to send handwritten notes and sketches as multimedia messages to wireless users who can access MMS message from any MMS enabled terminals, email accounts, and WAP enabled terminals.

Ericsson selected Electric Pocket as a partner on PDA Messenger, which is based on Electric Pocketis application. Ericsson has worked with application providers through Ericsson Mobility World, which is a global network of regional centers and global/local Ericsson Mobility World web-based facilities, with the aim of encouraging rapid creation and market deployment of Mobile Internet applications and services.

You can find more information about the PDA Messenger partnership at the Electric Pocket Web site.