Electricity Is Our Friend…Now You Can Study It On Your Mac

Yves Pelletier has released a new program that allows users to study the behavior of electricity on their Macintosh, YP DC Circuits 1.0. With YP DC Circuits, users are able to build a full circuit and study electrical behavior as it moves through the creation. According to Yves Pelletier:

Yves Pelletier announces the availability of YP DC Circuits 1.0, a new Macintosh program simulating direct current in an electric circuit.

With YP DC Circuits you can build a virtual electric circuit including batteries, resistors and switches, and measure currents and voltages with an ammeter and a voltmeter. The circuit can be copied, printed or saved as a PICT file.

Use YP DC Circuits to learn about: Ohmis law, Kirchoffis law, series circuits, parallel circuits.

YP DC Circuits is available for US$20 for a single user, and US$300 for an unlimited site license. You can find more information at Mr. Pelletieris web site.

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