Electrifier And Trellix Team For New Web Tools

Electrifier and Trellix have announced a partnership to bring Electrifieris Web media technology to Trellix users. Combined, the two technologies give Web designers great control over Web media development. According to Electrifier:

Electrifier announced today that Electrifieris self-service rich media solution for small businesses will be made available through Trellixis network of private-label partners. Electrifieris rich media technology will be integrated into Trellix Web Express as a Web Gem(TM), a Trellix innovation that allows people to easily add interactivity and specialized content such as merchant affiliate links, e-commerce, site promotion, and maps. The Electrifier Web Gem will give builders the ability to create their own rich media and publish it to their Web sites with a simple point and click.

The partnership brings together two leading Web technology companies. "Weire delighted to be working with Trellix as a provider of rich media to its customers," notes Electrifier CEO Brad Winney. "The deal enables us to reach several million potential business and individual users for our rich media services."

Using the Electrifier Web Gem, businesses who build their sites through Trellix Web Express will be able to efficiently and cost-effectively promote their products and services, communicate their brand value, and differentiate themselves from increasing competition by easily creating professional, high-impact Macromedia(R) Flash(R) presentations. Electrifieris small-business solution is built upon the same platform that supports Electrifieris integrated solutions for larger customers. The Electrifier platform features award-winning, proprietary technology including Electrifieris powerful media integration engine; its easy-to-use template-based authoring system; its integrated systems for content licensing, billing, data tracking and reporting; and its high-performance streaming media delivery network powered by Akamai.

Trellix Web Express - the cornerstone of Trellixi comprehensive Web site publishing platform - is a full-featured, browser-based site builder that enables users to create rich, multi-page Web sites. The solution features vibrant, professional designs and pre-populated sample content to speed the creation of high quality sites. Users can select from nearly 50 specific content templates and 70+ colorful designs. Additional key features include iclick-in-contexti editing; automatic page linking; Trellix Web Gems, which enable users to easily add interactivity and specialized content such as e-commerce capabilities, merchant affiliate links, site promotion and maps; site management tools to build and maintain multiple sites; comprehensive integrated support; and advanced tools and services for users who prefer to work directly in HTML. Trellix also provides full application hosting and management services.

You can find more information at the Electrifier Web site.