Elgato Ends EyeTV Licensing Deal with Miglia

Elgato and Miglia have parted ways thanks to the termination of a deal that allowed Miglia to bundle Elgatois EyeTV software with its Mac-based TV tuner devices. Both companies released terse statements that state the licensing deal has ended, but neither offer any details.

Elgatois statement reads, in part, "Elgato Systems announces that it has terminated the licensing agreement for EyeTV software with Miglia Technology, Ltd. Miglia can no longer ship, sell or advertise TV Tuner solutions bundled with Elgatois EyeTV software."

Migliais statement includes "The license agreement between Miglia and the software supplier for EyeTV has not been renewed, Miglia will no longer ship products that contain this application in its TV solutions."

Both companies state that current Miglia customers that rely on the EyeTV software will continue to receive technical support and upgrades.

Miglia has not, however, stated what software options will be available for new users purchasing its tuners. Presumably, the tuners will still be compatible with the EyeTV software, but TMO has not been able to confirm that.

The prospect of having to purchase additional software - assuming that there will be compatible applications - to use Migliais products makes them less enticing. But since the company isnit saying what its software plans are, it is possible that it already has something else ready to bundle.

So far, neither company has provided TMO with any additional information.