Email Client Magellan Gets An Update

MAKI Enterprise Inc. has released an update for Magellan, bringing it to version 3.2. Magellan is an email client designed for email sending and management. The update has performance enhancements and bug fixes. According to MAKI Enterprise:

MAKI Enterprise releases email client software Magellan 3.2 for MacOS and Mac OS X.

Changes in Magellan 3.2:

  • Virtual folder was supported in accordance with View
  • The order of a view list can be changed by Drag&Drop
  • Sort of View list was supported by menu
  • Whole reaction of mouse click in mail list was improved
  • The range of automatic correction of wrong date stamp was changed
  • The replying header was changed in case the double quart is in Cc
  • Fix a bug with long mailto address
  • Support Dock menu for OS X version

You can find more information about the Magellan update at the MAKI Enterprise Web site. Magellan 3.2 is available for US$50.00.