Email Client Magellan Pro Released

MAKI Enterprise Inc. has released a new e-mail management app, Magellan Pro. Magellan Pro is designed for the professional who handles large quantities of e-mail each day. The new version has many automated features and also features mobile phone support. According to MAKI Enterprise:

MAKI Enterprise Inc. releases new email client software Magellan Pro. Magellan Pro is a professional version of Magellan, which is an email for the Macintosh. Magellan Pro is designed as an email management tool for people who handle lots of email every day.

Magellan Pro automates mail processing.

Spam mails are goes trash automatically, moreover, if needed, it forward to a cellular phone, or the reply mails are automatic-created and transmits according to the contents of received mails. Magellan Pro proposes the usage of new mail.

Main features of Magellan Pro:

  • Read messages in "View." View is an epoch-making management way of e-mail messages, it is easier and better than folder.
  • Spam filter by accurate content analysis works without any other plug-ins
  • Automated responder: Magellan Pro automated reply according to the contents of received mail
  • Automated mail forward works on multiple accounts
  • Sherlock Index search is available as well as normal search
  • Multilingual email is available. Any languages can correctly be send and received
  • Fastest performance of all e-mail clients. Try and compare to others
  • Email application has to be stable enough to keep working all day. Compare the stability
  • Even if your received email has garbage characters, you can change to correct character encoding

You can find more information about the Magellan update at the MAKI Enterprise Web site. Magellan is available for US$79.00.