Endicia Debuts PictureItPostage for Mac OS X Tiger

Internet postage service Endicia announced Tuesday the release of PictureItPostage for Mac, a Mac OS X Tiger-only customized postage solution that gives Mac customers the ability to personalize their postage with 46% more space for images.

Customers can turn their letters and packages into "personalized works of art", according to the company. The software can directly import iPhoto images as well as allows customers to drag-and-drop an image outside of iPhoto. The software lets users edit images to zoom, crop, and apply filters, and use a simple interface to select the orientation of the image, denomination of postage, and the stamp colors.

PictureItPostage for Mac allows an instant search for any photo on the customeris Mac using Spotlight and sets background and font colors using the eye-dropper to easily pick colors from a photo.

U.S. customers only ustomers can order 23 cent postcard stamps in sheets of 20 for US$13.95. Additionally, customers can order a 20-stamp sheet of 37 cent, first class, one-ounce stamps for $16.95, a 20-stamp sheet of 49 cent, first class, oversize stamps for $19.95, and a 20-stamp sheet of 60 cent, first class, two-ounce stamps for $22.45.