Epson Debuts 3 Printers with New Black Ink System

Epson America, Inc. announced Tuesday three new professional grade ink-jet printers with ink technology the company said will give the highest quality back and white images available today.

The Epson Stylus Pro 4800, the 24-inch wide Stylus Pro 7800 and the 44-inch wide Stylus Pro 9800 feature UltraChrome K3 inks that use eight individual colors to create better exhibit-quality output. This technology is designed to create professional neutral and toned black and white prints without color crossover or color casts.

The 17-inch wide Stylus Pro 4800 (see photo below) is also one of the fastest ink jet printers ever made by Epson, capable of printing a 16"x 20" photo lab-quality print as fast as 6 minutes, 41 seconds. The Stylus Pro 7800 and 9800 offer print speeds approximately two times faster than their predecessors.

The Stylus Pro 4800 replaces the Stylus Pro 4000 for printing images as wide as 17 inches, while the Stylus Pro 7800 and 9800 replace the Stylus Pro 7600 and 9600 for printing up to 24 inches and 44 inches in width, respectively.

The Stylus Pro 4800 will ship in early June at a retail price of US$1,995. The Stylus Pro 4800 "Pro Edition," which includes a PANTONE/PostScript-ready Raster Image Processor (RIP) RIP and a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet card, is expected to begin shipping in July for $2,495. The Stylus Pro 7800 and 9800 will begin shipping in Fall 2005 and are respectively priced at $2,995 and $4,995 , which includes a complimentary stand for each.