Epson Launches Pro Standalone Film Scanner

LONDON -- At MacExpo London, Epson launched on Thursday the F-3200, a professional standalone multi-format film scanner. The F-3200 can scan 35mm film (negatives and slides) and medium-format film (negatives and slides), as well as reflective 4x6 prints. The device also has a built-in memory card reader that allows users to scan directly to CompactFlash and SecureDigital memory cards.

The F-3200 features a 2.5" LCD display on the front of the unit that provides preview images for scanning. It also comes with USB 2.0 and FireWire ports for connecting to Macs and PCs. As a standalone device, however, it can scan directly to memory cards, as mentioned above, or print directly to compatible Epson printers.

The F-3200 can scan at 4800 dpi (main) and 9600 dpi (sub), and supports 48-bit color depth.

Available in late November, the F-3200 is priced at £549 (including VAT). You can find more information on the scanner at Esponis Web site.