Equilibrium & Plenty Of Unbalanced People At Apple's QuickTime Trailer Site

Every week, Vern Seward takes a look at Appleis latest offerings at the QuickTime Trailer site, letting your know whatis new.

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we hope you had a chance to check out at least one of the early Holiday Season movies. There are so many to pick from with more on the way at Appleis QuickTime Trailer site.

One movie that you may not have heard about is not a QuickTime Exclusive but should get special attention, we think it will be that good. Equilibrium promises to be the Thinking Manis Matrix. Thatis a bold statement, but if you check out the trailer we think you may agree. Based loosely on Ray Bradburyis Fahrenheit 451, Equilibrium depicts an emotionally repressed society where art and literature is outlawed and lawbreakers are hunted down and killed by agents of an all-seeing Big-Brother-like government. Christian Bale and Taye Diggs star as Preston and Brandt who are "Clerics," emotionally bereft enforcers of the governmentis policies. Preston begins to question the policies he lives to enforce, and soon becomes at odds with the government and the life he once led. Anyone who has read Fahrenheit 451 or has seen Terry Gilliamis Brazil will recognize the movieis theme, and fans of The Matrix are sure to be first in line when this movie opens. We think Equilibrium will be one of this movie seasonis surprise hits. Check it out.

If psychological thrillers are more your taste, then you are sure to like a trailer that is an exclusive QuickTime Movie Trailer. Spider stars Ralph Fiennes as a disturbed man who struggles with the aftermath of watching his father murder his mother. Ralph Fiennes is an accomplished actor and this should be a good role for him.

Speaking of chaps with deep psychological problems, John Malkovich plays an older, but still talented and somewhat scarier, Mr. Tom Ripley in the upcoming movie, Ripleyis Game. This time Ripley talks someone into a murder-for-money plot. This should be a good one too.

Some other trailers that might interest you are:

  • Biker Boyz: OK, picture The Fast and The Furious but, instead of souped up cars youive got hot motorcycles, and instead of Vin Diesel youive got Lawrence Fishburne. Oh, and replace the predominantly White cast with a predominantly Black one, and youive got the basic concept behind this movie. Weid like to know what convinced Mr. Fishburne to make this movie. There are some cool scenes, though.
  • Gerry: Take two guys, watch them get lost, and make sure you get some really cool scenery while you do it. Matt Damon and Casey Affleck star in this movie. For what itis worth, weire willing to bet that they couldnit adequately explain what the movie is about any more than we can, but the trailer is interesting.
  • Anger Management: Adam Sandler teams up with Jack Nicholson in this comedy about a mild-mannered guy who is forced to take an anger management course. Mr. Sandler is the student, while Mr. Nicholson plays the Teacher from Hell. Could be funny.
  • Children On Their Birthdays: This coming of age movie looks good. The new girl, played by Sheryl Lee, has peculiar ideas that shake up a quiet southern town.
  • Johnny English: Rowan Atkinsonis Mr. Bean has cause many knees to be slapped in teary eyed laughter on both sides of the Atlantic. In this film, Rowan Atkinson plays Johnny English, a secret agent for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. If you can picture a cross between James Bond and Inspector Clouseau of Pink Panther fame, youive just gotta believe you are going to be laughing when you see this movie.
  • Jungle Book 2: Disney rehashes one of its popular animated features. This time Baloois voice comes from John Goodman, and Haley Joel Osment speaks for Mowgli. Fun for the kids at least.
  • Two Weeks Notice: Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant exchange jibes and kisses in this romantic comedy. Has "chick flick" written all over it. Still, it might be fun.

All done for this week. Bjork fans will want to check out her latest video, Nature is Ancient. Typical Bjork fair; that is to say that it is far from being typical. Enjoy!