Escape Velocity: Nova Gets Board

Ambrosia Software has announced an unusual development, with the popular Mac game Escape Velocity: Nova getting its own board game. The game combines cards and a board-game format to take the space shooter off the computer screen, and on to your dining room table.

ATMOS and DG Associates collaborated with Ambrosia to develop the new game, which places the player in the role of a trader captain with a space ship. Inhabiting the galaxy with you are pirates, aliens, and other assorted enemies. Your object is to collect wealth and accomplish missions that come your way.

According to Ambrosia, the game "intricately weaves adventure, trade, political conflict, military tactics, and strategy together to give you the best of what makes Ambrosiais computer game a classic."

The Escape Velocity: Nova board game box.

You can find more information on the game, including seeing some of the cards, at Ambrosiais Web site. The game is priced at US$25.