Escher Made Real...In Legos?

Mauritis Cornelis Escher was an interesting chap, if for no other reasons than his reality defying drawings. Creatures in an Escher drawing morph into something entirely different, buildings stand on supports that should not exist, and water flows uphill and downhill at the same time. All utterly impossible, and thoroughly entertaining.

So entertaining, in fact, that some folks have taken up the challenge of trying to make, in reality, some of the objects Mr. Escher drew. But how would one go about building something like Escheris famous lithograph, iRelativityi? People walking up stairs that empty onto a wall with a door, walls that serve as floors or ceilings to other walls or floors or ceilings; just looking at iRelativityi strains the brain.

If you are having trouble wrapping your noodle around the drawings then you are really going to love this installment of a Cool Waste Of Time, as we are presenting to you the Lego stylings of Mr. Andrew Lipson (self-professed nerd) and Mr. Daniel Shiu.

Lego? Escher?

Yep, Lego, Escher.

It seem this dynamic duo have taken up the challenge of building what cannot be built, and theyive done a pretty good job of it. For instance; Escheris iRelativityi looks amazing rendered in Lego. Youive got to see it to believe it. Mr. Lipson and Mr. Shiu have other Lego-Escher works too, like iAscending and Descendingi and iBalconyi.

Youive got to check them out. Makes you want to break out your old set of Legos, doesnit it?

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