Ever See An Apple IIc LCD Display? There's One On eBay (With Pics)

Back in the days of the Apple IIc, a Liquid Crystal Diode(LCD) display was cutting edge technology that you found mostly on watches and a few alphanumeric displays. Computer screen that used LCD was nearly as hard as henis teeth to find, which make what our friends at Mendelini.com tipped us off about worthy of a mention. There is currently an eBay auction of an LCD monitor for an Apple IIc. According to the eBay ad:

Beyond RARE Apple IIc LCD Display.  I purchased this earlier this year for my personal collection, but Iim running out of space so Iive decided to cut back on my collections.  Screen is As new/Near Mint.  Original Box (fair condition), original styrofoam, and manuals (some of manuals never opened).  The previous owner told me he never used this, and it was only tested briefly.  I highly doubt there is a nicer example available for sale anywhere.  Tested, working.  Sold as-is (due to age).

There are a few long-time Apple users who may remember seeing this monitor but most Mac users will find it hard to believe that such a device exists. Stop by eBay and check it out; there are several more images of the product. Itis cool history, folks.