EveryMac.com, New And Improved

EveryMac.com has announced a major site update. Among the changes, there is an expanded member section along with new photo galleries. According to EveryMac.com:

  • We added a new-and-improved look-and-feel that loads more quickly than before, and takes advantage of larger displays without alienating users with smaller ones.
  • We added a "Site Search" function on the right-hand side of every section page. The Advanced Search option is still available for users looking to target their search for better results.
  • We added a new Q & A section to accomodate an ever-growing selection of Macintosh-related questions and answers.
  • We added a new Galleries section to prepare for future members-only photo galleries of current and past Macintosh and MacOS-Compatible systems.
  • We added an expanded Members section to prepare for new-and-improved members features and content.
  • We added new "QuickLists" to subpages to make it easy to quickly "drill down" into deep content.
  • We added a new and improved "Current Path" link system to the top and bottom of every page to make it easier to return to a particular page of interest.

You see the new digs for yourself at the EveryMac.com Web site.