Everyday Software Jumps On The OS X Train

Everyday Software has announced that two of their products, Bookit 2.0 and clipEdit 2.5b1, are now available for Mac OS X. Bookit is a full featured Web bookmark manager, while clipEdit provides users with a tool for easily editing picture clippings. According to Everyday Software:

Everyday Software is pleased to announce Mac OS X versions of Bookit 2.0 and clipEdit 2.5 beta 1.

Leading off our new product line is Bookit 2.0, a comprehensive bookmark management and synchronization program. Bookit 2 has been completely rewritten using Mac OS Xis Cocoa programming environment. Bookit 2.0 also adds web browser support for OmniWeb, Mozilla, and Opera. Internet Explorer, iCab and Netscape were previously supported. Bookit 2 also adds automatic update checking, printing of bookmarks, and sports a new streamlined interface for Mac OS X.

We are also offering a free update to Bookit 1.3 which is a carbonized version of Bookit 1.2.

Our second revised application is clipEdit 2.5 beta 1 for Mac OS X. ClipEdit is the premiere text and picture clipping editor for the Mac OS. ClipEdit 2.5 adds Mac OS X support, windows menu, recent items menu, WYSIWYG font menu, enhanced contextual menus, customizable font size, and a spiffy Mac OS X interface.

Bookit is available for US$12, while clipEdit is available for US$5. You can find more information at the Everyday Software Web site.