Excel Software Releases QuickLicense 2

Excel Software has announced the immediate availability of QuickLicense 2 on Friday. New features include the following:

? QuickLicense 2.0 ticket configuration options simplify the process of license activation and reactivation. In addition to configuring the licensing strategy, vendors can store, organize and search data collected from customers during the activation process. Data can be imported or exported to any spreadsheet or database application. Version 2.0 optimizations make opening and saving a large customer database with thousands of records over four times faster.

? QuickLicense 2.0 adds new flexibility for collecting custom information during the registration/activation process and makes it easy to send Activation Codes or support customers through integrated, template-generated email. QuickLicense keeps a log of outgoing customer emails that are each linked to the customeris data.

QuickLicense allows developers to easily license their content. There is built-in protection against disassembly and tampering, and Trialware can be created. QuickLicense allows detailed control over, for example, the license, period of time, activation, license terms, number of users and reactivation of expired licenses. Software written in any lanngauge is supported.

A single use license for either Windows or Macintosh is priced at $US495 or US$795 for both platforms.