ExecutiveSync Now Shipping

ExecutiveSync is now shipping for Mac users. ExecutiveSync is a file synchronization utility designed for saving and editing multiple files at once. The app ships with support for OS X and features file archiving and long file names. According to ExecutiveSync:

ExecutiveSync is the first dependable file synchronization utility for Mac OS X that supports long file names, Unicode, synchronization with Microsoft Windows File Servers, and countless other features.

The majority of synchronization programs on Mac OS X are designed to consolidate the contents of two folders. Consolidation is a quick and simple synchronization technique, but it is extremely error prone. ExecutiveSync uses the superior TAS (Time And State) synchronization technique. TAS is a powerful approach to file synchronization that guarantees accuracy by storing and comparing file information over time.

With ExecutiveSync you can add, remove, and edit files in both folders at the same time without fear or hesitation, and those changes will be replicated the next time that you synchronize your folders. ExecutiveSync works the way you expect a file synchronization utility to work!

You can find more information about ExecutiveSync at the ExecutiveSync Web site. ExecutiveSync is available for US$19.95.