ExitToShell Ships ColorDeveloper 1.0

ExitToShell Software has released a new app for Mac users, ColorDeveloper 1.0. ColorDeveloper is a utility designed for directly working with floating-point RGBA color values. The app features interactive color swatch editing and support for multiple windows. According to ExitToShell:

ExitToShell() Software ships ColorDeveloper 1.0.

ColorDeveloper is an application that serves as a companion to the Color Picker built into the Mac OS. ColorDeveloper allows software developers to work directly with floating-point RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha channel) values that are used in Core Graphics programming on Mac OS X.

ColorDeveloper supports multiple windows, interactive editing of solid and alpha channel-blended color swatches and two-way integration with the Mac OS Color Picker to save or edit any color selection

You can find more information about the ColorDeveloper release at the ExitToShell Software Web site. ColorDeveloper is available as freeware.