Export Multiple Contacts from Address Book

Itis easy to export contacts from Appleis Address Book application: Just click and drag. Exporting multiple contacts is just as easy. Simply select all of the contacts you want to export, and drag them to your desktop. The only problem is that Address Book exports all of the contacts as a single file that some applications have a hard time importing.

Drag contacts from Address Book to export them.

You can work around the single-file export issue by holding down the Option key when you drag the contacts from Address Book to your Desktop. Instead of creating a single vCard file with all of the contacts, Address Book will create individual vCard files for each contact.

Option-drag multiple contacts to export them as individual files.

This is an easy way to give contacts to Microsoft Entourage users. While Entourage can import the vCard format without any hassle, it will only import the first contact from a multi-contact file. Give an Entourage user a group of vCards, and they all import fine.

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