Extend A USB Connection To 330 Feet

Donit confuse them with Gefen Records, but Gefen, Inc. has announced a new device that takes a clever approach to extending the range of a USB connection up to 330 feet. The device combines a hub with an extension, and uses Cat 5 cable to actually handle the extended range. According to Gefen:

Why limit yourself to 17 feet when you can have 330? Those familiar with USB know the extension limits that come with this now standard computer connectivity technology available on most modern computer peripherals including cameras, computers, keyboards, printers and hard drives.

A hub, which receives power from an external power source, typically consists of one square USB input and four flat USB outputs. To connect additional devices or reach a distance beyond 17 feet, users must connect a limited length of cable into a hub, and then to extend beyond that, connect another cable and hub, a setup that often makes a system notoriously unstable.

Gefenis ex-tend-it USB-400 alleviates this problem by providing a hub and extension in one. It includes a remote 4-port USB hub, each of which can handle 12.5 megabytes of data and is able to extend USB peripherals a distance of 330 feet with just a single CAT5 cable, no additional hubs—and little chance of the system crashing. The ex-tend-it USB-400 is particularly useful for those who need to operate computer equipment from a remote location.

In addition to its USB line of products, Gefen will be showcasing its up-and-coming ex-tend-it line of DVI products, including the DVI-Hub, DVI Repeater and DVI-241 Switch. Products, which are expected to be shipping in September 2001, will demo at the Audio Engineering Society show in New York City on September 21st through the 24th.

You can find more information on extend-it USB 400 at Gefenis Web site. The device is priced at US$499.