External DVD Drive Shipping From Formac Electronic

Formac Electronic, Inc. is now shipping the devideon superdrive for Mac users. The devideon superdrive is an external Firewire DVD authoring drive. The drive features DVD-R/RW and CD-RW and comes bundled with Formac DVD authoring software. According to Formac Electronic:

Formac Electronic Inc., a leading manufacturer of performance enhancing peripherals and display solutions for Macintosh computers, announced today the introduction of its devideon™ superdrive.

The new FireWire DVD-R/RW & CD-RW combination drive is bundled with Formac’s proprietary DVD authoring software, making it the world’s first external solution to bring affordable DVD creation to the Apple Macintosh. Formac’s devideon™ superdrive is compatible with Apple’s FireWire G3, G4, iMac, PowerBook, and iBook computers and works on OS9 and OSX platforms.

You can find more information about the devideon superdrive release at the Formac Electronic, Inc. Web site. The devideon superdrive is available for US$549.00.