ExtremeZ-IP Helps OS X, Windows To Play Nice

Group Logic has announced that their ExtremeZ-IP package for OS X allows OS X users to continue to work with Windows networks, despite some bugs in Mac OS Xis networking structure. By incorporating ExtremeZ-IP into their systems OS X users are able to continue to easily share Windows based file and print servers. According to Group Logic:

Group Logic, a leading vendor of network workflow software, announced today its ExtremeZ-IP product uniquely allows users of Appleis new Mac OS X to continue to use Windows NT and 2000 file servers easily.

Mac users are accustomed to using the Chooser to locate servers quickly and simply via the AppleTalk network protocol, but in OS X the Chooser is replaced by the Connect to Servers function, which uses TCP/IP only. As a result of this change, users of the new operating system find it difficult and even impossible to locate and connect to servers based on Microsoftis Services for Macintosh, a built-in component of the Windows NT and Windows 2000 server operating systems. ExtremeZ-IP, Group Logicis file server product for mixed Macintosh and Windows networks, restores the network connections and usersi productivity.

"When connecting to Windows servers not running ExtremeZ-IP, the OS X iConnect to Serveri function fails to deliver the convenience and ease of use that the Chooser has provided for so many years," observed T. Reid Lewis, president of Group Logic. He explained that with Windows NT, OS X users encounter iblind spotsi on their networks, because the system can no longer iseei their file servers. With Windows 2000, connecting to the server requires OS X users to discover and enter the deviceis multi-part numerical network address (e.g., "This is the antithesis of ease of use," Lewis noted. "ExtremeZ-IP solves the OS X connectivity problems of both Windows NT and 2000, restoring the Macintosh user experience."

Group Logicis ExtremeZ-IP is file and print server software that uses the TCP/IP protocol to increase throughput as much as fivefold between Macintosh clients and Microsoft Windows servers. ExtremeZ-IP enhances native support for Macintosh communications on Windows NT Server and Workstation, as well as Windows 2000 Server and Professional. Users experience dramatic return on investment through increased productivity resulting from superior network performance.

You can find more information about ExtremeZ-IP at the Group Logic Web site.