ExtremeZ-IP Update From Group Logic

Group Logic has released an update for ExtremeZ-IP, bringing it to version 3.1. ExtremeZ-IP is a cross-platform file and print server designed for networked utilities. The update features TCP/IP network printing and other enhancements. According to Group Logic:

Group Logic, developer of best-selling network workflow software products, announced today the release of ExtremeZ-IP version 3.1, an upgrade to its file and print sharing product line.

With this upgrade, the ExtremeZ-IP File Server includes many enhancements to its OS X features and compatibility.

The upgrade also delivers a major advancement in the product’s print server compatibility with Mac OS X. ExtremeZ-IP is currently the only file server product on the market being actively enhanced to maintain compatibility with the latest Mac OS X operating system releases.

The new Mac OS X capabilities in the ExtremeZ-IP Print Server make it a “must have” for organizations moving to Mac OS X and seeking to eliminate AppleTalk from their network. The new features in 3.1 make locating, configuring and using printers using Mac OS X via TCP/IP as quick and easy as using the Mac OS Classic’s Chooser via AppleTalk.

You can find more information about the ExtremeZ-IP update at the Group Logic Web site. The update is free for registered users, while the full version pricing is available from the Group Logic sales department.