FTP Suite 3.0 Now Shipping

Pyramid Designs has released a new version of FTP Suite, bringing it to version 3.0. FTP Suite is a REALbasic development toolset designed as a set of classes and code modules for REALbasic implementation. The latest release features expanded control and langugae support. According to Pyramid Designs:

Pyramid Design announced the release of FTP Suite 3.0, a major upgrade to the companyis FTP solution for REALbasic applications.

3.0 Features:

  • Fine Transfer Sequence Control – Developers now have more control over FTP sequences so that they can implement functionality beyond simple file and directory transfers
  • Multiple Language Capability – All messages generated by FTP Suite are now stored as constants in an open code module, FTPMessages
  • Variable Send Buffer Size – The size of the send buffer can be adjustable under program control, which allows the developer to tune file transfers from the client to server
  • Status Events – A new class, FTPStatusClass, supports the execution of status events and is accessible to the developer

You can find more information about the latest FTP Suite release at the Pyramid Designs Web site. FTP Suite 3.0 upgrades are available starting at US$9.95 for registered users, while the full Hobbyist version is available for US$29.95.